MODUS-OPERANDI: A groups habitual way of operating:

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) will go to great lengths to coverup the coverups, and to stop the truth from what they are engaged in, coming out to the general public. Some of those coverups are so serious that they get passed down from one Chief of Police to the next.

They will do anything to protect that Blue Line, they will Lie and Lie, from Little Lies to Big Lies. Then they in deep enough that they have to tell outright Lies, and then on into Libel and Slander. All the while the digging deeper and deeper, until the only way out is for them to tell the truth, and they would rather keep digging than do that.

EXAMPLE: You call the Calgary Police Service (CPS) you tell them about websites you have read that are publishing details about crimes having been committed, you ask them if what is published on those websites is true, and the little Lies and manipulations begin…

They tell you they know the author of the websites, that he is well known to the police, that they are trying to get the websites taken down, but it’s hard because the websites are registered in another country, those are the Little Lies they use to manipulate and discourage.

For those who are not discouraged by the Little Lies, out comes the Big Lies and Big Manipulations, these come from the Office of the Chief, and individuals that work within the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) also known as (ITRAC) the Integrated Threat & Risk Assessment Center.

One of the main individuals from the BSU and ITRAC units that has contributed to the Big Lies in a Big Way, is one CPS Detective Michelle Zelenski. Her business card describes her as having the following credentials: She is an MSC, Psych, Certified Threat Assessor, Offender management, Behavioral Science Unit. That is quite the mouthful and you would think from those credentials that Zelenski would be as honest a cop as there ever could be, and you would be wrong, you would be, very very wrong….

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