RIGHT NOW: TODAY: 17th SEPT 2020: and the current Chief of the Calgary Police Service Mark Neufeld is actively involved in the coverup of criminal acts that have been committed by past and present officers under his command, as well as others involved in ongoing acts. Chief Neufeld is being ably assisted in the coverups by the assistance of other senior police officers, Detectives, District police officers & more.

COVERUP 1: Includes the following organizations & individuals:

THE CALGARY POLICE SERVICE: Chief Neufeld, Detective Zelensky, Sgt Thorbahl, Sgt Wheatley, Cst Satanek, Cst Guttridge and others named later.
THE ASK HER ASSOCIATION: An Association supposed to be for the purposes of having women elected to office in the Calgary Civic elections. And specifically the crooked, corrupt and criminal acts of the founding members and others.
THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT: The office of the Status for women under the NDP, Peter Lemieux the Director of Corporate Security for the Alberta Government.

Notwithstanding that the CPS and RCMP in carrying out some of the coverups, had boxes and boxes of documents and materials illegally seized from my residence by using bogus sworn Affidavits to get a judge to sign bogus search and seizure warrants. Then within days of them being illegally seized, they had those boxes and boxes of documents and materials destroyed.

There are still many many documents, e-mails, transcripts, correspondences, tape recordings and other materials still in my possession to irrefutably back up what will be published on this and my other websites.